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Dr. Donald R. Owen, Ph.D.

Dr. Donald Owen is recognized as one of the leaders in the field of biopeptides. His pioneering work originated in the development of the first artificial blood for use during organ transplant operations, particularly the heart. The peptides used in this process gave such outstanding results on the organ being transplanted that Dr. Owen explored other applications for their use. It led him to become particularly interested in their role in the ageing process, and after ten years of research in dermal ageing, he has developed significant advances in dermal peptide mimetics.

He has spent over 30 years involved in various academic and corporate research programs. These research efforts have resulted in numerous articles, presentations and patents. His academic background in medicine, chemistry, molecular biology, and biomedical engineering has led to his participation in various interdisciplinary research programs. As both co-investigator and principal investigator, he worked at the Medical University of South Carolina, University of Southern Mississippi, Division of Artificial Organs at the University of Utah, and Tulane University. These programs include organ preservation, bio-compatible/non-fouling surface applications, artificial blood/micro-emulsion technology, anti-ageing/proliferative peptides, anti-microbial peptides, and novel medical devices.

Dr. Owen has moved many of these technologies and inventions from the laboratory to the developmental and product stage. The resulting skincare and medical research companies specialise in several technological areas, therapeutic peptides, organ preservation and bioactive agent delivery systems.

Dr. Owen is the CEO and President of the following companies:

  • Owen Biosciences Inc., a cosmeceutical formulary and manufacturing facility
  • Therapeutic Peptides Inc. peptides for a wide range of applications
  • Owen Biopharma Inc., a pharmaceutical wound care and antimicrobial peptide group
  • Owen Botanical Organics, Inc. – raw material manufacturer in organic skincare/haircare industry


Dr. Owen has also developed in vitro human cell cultures models for studying the direct effects of products and potential active agents and dermal ageing retardation, collagen / elastin stimulation, and pigmentation control. These models are a tremendous asset in skincare research, allowing the testing of product safety and effectiveness without animal testing. Although not the first to use these models, Dr. Owen has become a leader in the use of in vitro skin modelling for topical product development. His research has resulted in numerous dermatological products, which today are used extensively by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Product Efficacy Testing

Individual components of the Vital Assist® skincare products and the final finished formulation have been shown by DNA Microassays and C3 Cell Culture Compatibility Testing to increase cell proliferation and collagen production as well as boost production of critical anti-oxidant enzymes. They do so without unwanted increases in catabolic enzymes responsible for collagen degradation or undesirable excitation of inflammatory mechanisms.

Patent Pending Ingredients

Vital Assist® skincare has been developed using the very latest patent pending ingredients and low irritation delivery technologies.

Our Products

Our mission is to partner with our associates in providing superior products along with education and solutions that exceed the current limits of conventional anti-aging skin care therapies.

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Our Technology

SERT Selective Enzyme Release Technology® is used exclusively in the STIMULYSYN® Lift series and is a breakthrough in both delivery and proliferative science. SERT Selective Enzyme Release Technology® allows a bioactive molecule to be delivered in an inactive form, which slowly releases into the skin, then activates once absorbed. The results are smoother, firmer more youthful skin appearance.

Interval Treatment Technology® is an intense bioactive workout for the skin that utilizes action periods and rest periods at one week intervals to allow maximum renewal, differentiation and repair. Skin smart VITAL ingredients ASSIST natural growth factor crosstalk through Interval Treatment Technology™ to transform aging and environmentally damaged skin.

GF Crosstalk Technology™ stimulates interaction between the epidermis and dermis via bioactive ingredients to increase the proliferation process, but not the inflammatory response, to mimic the actions of more youthful skin.

PBM Bioactive Technology® is a technological breakthrough which details how bioactive ingredients function in a manner where proliferative results are achieved. First, jumpstart the Proliferation process with a single STIMULYSIN® Rx Lift. Boost it with a short intense, interval workout with STIMULYSIN™ Pro Lift while the daily regimen products Maintain the renewal and repair process.

Research and Development of Anti-ageing Skincare

At the forefront of Dr. Owen’s research interests today are the ageing mechanisms of the skin and new methods of topical delivery technologies including electroporation and microdermabrasion. The mission of his research is to focus on the practical problems of delivering dermal anti-ageing, age retardation and prevention, and repair therapies to human skin.

Dr. Owen was the first to offer for commercial use a cosmetically acceptable micro-emulsion, based on artificial blood research, for the delivery of synergistic antioxidant vitamin therapy to the skin. His latest research interests in collagen enhancing peptides, have resulted in the growth factor mimetic peptides for topical use. These peptides offer great promise for increasing daily dermal repair processes without irritation.