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STIMULYSIN® for all skin concerns

Skin smart VITAL ingredients ASSIST in transforming aging and environmentally damaged skin. The results are a smoother, firmer more youthful skin appearance. STIMULYSIN® treats all skin concerns:

  • Aging-advanced signs
  • Aging- preventative
  • Combination

  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Rosacea prone

  • Sensitive
  • Sun damage


Our mission is to partner with our associates in providing superior products along with education and solutions that exceed the current limits of conventional anti-aging skin care therapies.

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Daily Skincare System

The Vital Assist® daily product regimen was developed with the most active ingredients resulting in maximum benefits with minimal irritation. Our regimen consists of a select group of highly effective, sophisticated products containing targeted bioactive packages. The extensive bioactive packages include a DNA repair package, a daily antioxidant package, a collagen booster package and a pigmentation inhibitor package that treat aging issues. There are no limitations to the use of these products. Since sensitivity and irritation are not factors, they can be used year round, multiple times a day and during any environmental conditions.

Topical products applied to the skin are attempting to alter or inhibit the local aging process. VITAL ASSIST® products allow stimulation to the epidermis and the dermis to regenerate and repair itself in a more youthful manner. The daily care products, used with STIMULYSIN® Pro Lift Kit with Interval Treatment Technology®, are designed to maximize the differentiation process, suppress pigmentation and be anti-inflammatory.

Impact of Peptide Application on the Skin

Vital Assist® anti-aging lipo-oligopeptides causes significant up regulation of Col7A1, Col4A1 and Col3A1 which are directly related to the production of collagen type VII, collagen type IV and collagen type III. Collagen VII (Anchoring fibrils), collagen IV (Anchoring plaque) and collagen III (Reticular fibrils) are key components in the collagen weave that lies at the junction between the epidermis and the dermis. As we age this area becomes significantly disrupted leading to some of the tissue laxity that accompanies photo aging.

Advanced Retinoids - The Rationale For Use on the Skin

Most commercially available non-prescriptive skin care products contain small quantities of retinol or retinol palmitate rather than retinoic acid to avoid the irritation potential. This gives very low irritation potential, however, results in less activity and longer times before results are observed.

Vital Assist® has overcome this challenge by developing patent pending, slow release retinoids. These retinoid esters go into the skin without any irritation and are slowly released in situ by the same enzymes which breakdown natural retinyl palmitate. The results are new formulations that are less irritating and more active than any existing technology.

Advantages of Slow Release Retinoids

  • Reduces coarseness and wrinkling of the skin
  • Reduces the signs of sun damage such as unwanted pigmentation
  • Skin appears more radiant
  • Histologically the epithelial cells are arranged in more even rows and have less abnormal cell present

  • There is an increased blood flow to the skin
  • Enhances collagen production
  • Inhibits or down regulates the production of metalloprotease enzymes that destroy collagen

Skincare Performance Features

Vital Assist® products’ delivery of patent pending bioactive ingredients optimizes maximum performance while limiting irritation potential

  • Chemical free/physical block sunscreen (i.e., ZnO/ TiO2)
  • Ingredients that function as anti-oxidants
  • Ingredients that stimulate enzyme production to fight free radical damage
  • Slow release AHA's
  • Proprietary slow release retinoids
  • Phospholipid Growth Factors at bioactive levels
  • Lipo-oligopeptide complexes that stimulate production of growth factors
  • High concentrations of Lipopeptides and Beta-d glucans to stimulate an immune response
  • Unique probiotic complex to up-regulate defensins for anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action