Vital Assist, Inc.

Vital Assist, Inc. is a company with years of expertise in developing, formulating and manufacturing proliferative topical skincare products. The Vital Assist® brand’s association with renowned cosmetic dermatological scientists of Owen Biosciences, Inc.insures its clients that they have a trusted partner in developing and efficacy testing the latest in technologically advanced skincare treatments.

Our Philosophy

Vital Assist, Inc. focuses on innovative, multi-functional proliferative skin care products that utilize the newest technologies combined with future generation VITAL ingredients to treat multiple conditions and ASSIST skin’s daily needs.

About Vital Assist® Products

The release of the Vital Assist® products is based on proliferative treatments directed at maximizing skin cell turnover rates to youthful levels with minimal irritation. This allows for controlled release of targeted bioactive ingredients over time allowing maximum stimulation with minimal chance of irritation. The Vital Assist® Rx Lift (professional use) and Pro Lift (home use) treatments are designed to proliferate while the daily skincare products are designed to maintain and protect.

The Vital Assist® brand association with the team of cosmetic dermatological scientists of Owen Biosciences, Inc. focus is to correct the effects of the aging process via advanced proliferative systems to stimulate skin with minimal irritation, inhibit free radical damage, and control pigmentation.


Our mission is to partner with our associates in providing superior products along with education and solutions that exceed the current limits of conventional anti-aging skin care therapies.

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